FRC 2020


For my ally is the Force. And a poweful ally it is.


Star Wars: Episode V – The Empire Strikes Back 

By taking part in FIRST Robotics Competition, we know exactly how important creative thinking is. Tackling unexpected problems, “thinking outside the box” and brainstorming possible solutions are few definitions of creative thinking. On November 28th we went to the headquarters of Association on Twarda Street, Warsaw. Its goal is to create more friendly spaces for makers in Poland. We took part in project called “Startup for youngsters”, during which a lot of topics were discussed such as digital fabrication methods, 3D printing, laser plotter operation, CNC milling, prototyping and teamwork. Their FabLabs (laboratories of digital fabrications and crafts) are divided into impressively designed zones i.a. Electronic Zone, 3D Printing Zone and even Tailoring Zone! (The last one caught us by surprise a little). In short, we came to realize once again that creative thinking needs to be constantly strengthened because it might turn out to be a key to success.

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