— How It All Began

We met years ago at the Legrobot robotics club in Legionowo. We undertook several exciting projects together. We gained a lot of knowledge and experience. As we grew older, so did our ambitions. We met more incredible people, just like us, full of passion and the desire to grow. That’s how Team RaByte was formed, and we participated on the international stage in the world’s largest robotics competition, FIRST ROBOTIC COMPETITION.

We decided to formalize and open ourselves up to an even wider community. Thus, the ordinary association RaByte was created.


We want everyone, young or old, to have the opportunity to gain new knowledge and experience, in the company of technology enthusiasts and aficionados. Let’s create more innovative and groundbreaking projects together.

— What's Next?

Our ambitions are high, as are our desires and collection of ideas. We have a lot of work ahead of us. But we will manage because we have passion. We will build something more together. Let’s build a robotics center.






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