Team Rabyte


— Who We Are

We are a team of ambitious high school students from the best schools in Warsaw, operating under the educational program Team Rabyte. We’ve been forming this team since 2019 when we first participated in the international FIRST Robotic Competition. Today, we create new projects to gain knowledge and win the most exciting robotic contests.

By collaborating, we build robots, grow personally, proudly represent our schools, form new friendships, and make the world a better place.


Our common goal is to participate and achieve the best possible results in the largest international robotic competitions – the FIRST Robotics Competition, which will take place in March 2024 in Turkey. The FIRST finals are organized in the United States. These competitions require the construction of a world-class sports robot that will perform the tasks specified by the organizers in January 2024 to the best of its ability.

— Intrigued?

See what we’ve already accomplished.

What is FRC?

FIRST Robotics Competition combines the exciting atmosphere of sports competitions with scientific and technological rigor.

What have we recently tinkered?

Our Team


Team captain

“Process optimization”


Mechanical Lead

“If I don’t break it, there’s a chance that I’ll fix it”


Business Lead

“I won’t do it???”


Programming Lead

“Why can’t I log in”


“Problems are something I create, not solve”


“502 Bad Gateway”


“Designing, Programing and destroying every project”


“I sometimes wonder whether you know that…”


“Deadline counts until the last second”


“Putting the lol in vexillology”


“I don’t know”


“C= 01134”


“Reading books is the most fun one can have”


“If my C++ code doesn’t work I rewrite it in python and pretend that’s how it’s supposed to be”


“My greatest enemy is time”



“This won’t work”



Mikołaj Szmigielski

“We’ll deliver it”

Adam Kita

“If something is stupid but works, it’s still stupid…”

Zuzanna Zimin

“On the other side (Of the lens)”


Media Partners

Our Mission

The mission of our educational program is to introduce students with mathematical and physical profiles to modern technologies. The classes we have prepared will enable them to acquire practical knowledge for both independent and group work on projects related to programming, 3D printing, and mechanics. The program is led by students in the sciences, who have experience in preparing for robotic competitions and want to teach high school students in order to form a cohesive team that will work together on the challenges of future competitions. We aim to create friendly inter-school bonds and student-university relationships, connecting people with a passion for robotics and computer science. Such acquaintances guarantee both academic and personal development for students.

Season 2020

Black Raven

This is the robot we built for the FRC eliminations in Istanbul for the 2020 season.


Change the world with us!

We’re cool and all