FRC 2020

On the radio!

Never tell me the odds!

– Han Solo

Star Wars: Episode V – The Empire Strikes Back 

Two months ago, on October 18th at 12 pm we had an opportunity to tell about our team, mentors and how it all started thanks to Stacja Nauka broadcasted on the Radio Poland and led by Patryk Kuniszewicz. We briefly talked through our calendar as well. Kickoff is on January 4th so very soon we will receive Kickoff Kit items and game-specific content. From that moment on we have 6 weeks to design, program, build and test our robot. On 5th of March regional competitions starts so we are going to Istanbul. It was a fantastic experience which we managed to repeat on December 9th but this time we were featured on Eureka audition led by Krzysztof Michalski. During the interview, we talked about our interests (not every is connected with science ?) and past achievements such as smart home system, research hovercraft, drones, smart mirror. Moreover, we explained FRC and talked about collaboration with the Faculty of Electronics and Information Technology of The Warsaw University of Technology and with Bionik. Even though a dream job for many of us is still a puzzle we hope one day it will become a little bit clearer with the help of the competition and new-gained skills.

If you are interested, we invite you to listen to both auditions:,Team-RaByte-czyli-podboj-Swiata-z-wlasnym-robotem

Thank you for the opportunities to participate and for kind words?

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