FRC 2020

In full swing

Here’s where the fun begins.

– Han Solo

Star Wars: Part IV – New Hope

We are extremely happy and excited to announce… that our Kickoff Kit has just arrived! We immediately went to The Faculty of Electronics and Information Technology of the Warsaw University of Technology to unpack it. There were 2 totes (a black one and gray one) and a drive base kit. In the Black Tote there were –well-known- Power Cells, Color Swatch for Control Pannel, Cardboard VR Viewer and many many more (even a BB8 Banner). All teams received this one. But, as a new (“rookie”) team, we also got the Gray Tote, in which were e.g. pool noodles (robot’s bumpers), a gamepad and a netbook. Surely, 16 of January 2020 is the date that’s going to live long in our memory. We hope you spent your day as productively as we did. Till the next time!  

P.S. Don’t forget to watch the video below! 

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