Rabyte 2023

Team Rabyte at Semicon!

Today, representatives from our team, #teamrabyte, visited the production facility of Semicon, a company that specializes in the manufacturing and assembly of various electronic components. We began by getting an introduction to the different business sectors of the company and some of its many accomplishments. After this brief introduction, we were equipped with grounding “slippers” designed to safely discharge any electrostatic charges from the body that could potentially harm electronic components. Suitably protected, we entered the production hall where we saw an X-ray machine for electronic inspection, various surface-mount and through-hole assembly machines, an ultra-precise laser cutter for laminate materials, a PCB coating workshop, an optical control department with advanced autonomous cameras, a warehouse with an X-ray machine for automatic component counting, and a manual service workshop.

We extend our heartfelt thanks to Semicon for the invitation and the factory tour. We learned a lot and saw things that not everyone gets to see. Thank you for the demonstrations and for answering all our difficult questions. We admire your professionalism and experience in this sector.

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