Rabyte 2023

Robotic Arena 2023

Beautiful, long, and successful day behind us!

On Saturday, April 22nd, with a strong representation of our Rabyte Association, we headed to the robotic competition @robotic_arena in Wrocław. We started with a countless array of various robots. Literally, everyone built something! We participated in the freestyle category, humanoid sprint, Horizon Combat Raptor (robot fights weighing up to one pound), and Horizon Combat Antweight.

Thanks to our focus and excellent teamwork, we managed to secure a total of 4 podium positions. Let’s list them:

Michał, Adam, and Oskar took first, second, and third place in the Antweight category!

Our mentor Jarosław and Bartek secured first and fourth place in the Raptor category!

Lastly, we received recognition in the Freestyle category for our modified USB-equipped robot, Likwidator, which is our Shooter!

We are thrilled and proud of all our constructions, not only the winning ones but also the ones that gave us trouble. It is through these challenges that we learn the most.

We extend our gratitude to the Organizers of Robotic Arena for providing us with this opportunity for self-improvement. Despite a few organizational shortcomings, we had a great time.

Photo credits go to Zuzanna Zimin. Thank you!

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