Rabyte Design Competition


Last Saturday, December 2, the final of the RDC (Rabyte Design Competition) took place – an internal competition of Team Rabyte, focused on assessing the effectiveness of our team of mechanics. As part of this event, members of our team were randomly divided into two-person teams. Each of them was tasked with building a system for lifting balls from the ground level and placing them on a robot. The competition lasted for 30 days, from start to finish. This task required both creativity and precision in action, and above all, effective time management. Events like the RDC are an excellent opportunity for our mechanics to test their skills in practice and under time pressure in demanding competitive situations. It’s also a chance for creative collaboration and demonstrating an innovative approach. We would like to congratulate all teams for their commitment and determination in this unique event. However, this competition was just a warm-up before the real challenge, which is First!

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