FRC 2024

Wizyta w Nomagic


On the 6th of December, we had a unique opportunity to visit the Nomagic headquarters. Our visit was intended to present the progress of our work related to preparations for the upcoming FRC competition and discuss the challenges we encountered. This meeting was not only a presentation of our robot, but also an opportunity for an open discussion about experiences, obstacles and strategies for the competition. 🀖💬
Nomagic is not only a company that designs machines used, among others, in warehouses for sorting goods. It is also a place where we met incredibly inspiring people. We have partnered with them to consult on autonomous systems, in which they specialize, and to build an arena for training ahead of the upcoming FRC competition. 🏭🔧
During our visit, Nomagic showed us their workshop, where we saw various stages of creating their technologically advanced machines. It was a fascinating experience of observing the design and construction process, which is later used in such important fields as logistics and industry in many companies around the world, including Switzerland. 🏗🌐
We are extremely grateful to Nomagic for the warm welcome and the opportunity to share our knowledge and meet wonderful people! This visit broadened our horizons and allowed us to learn a different point of view on the challenges that await us. Thank you for inspiring us and being open to sharing your experience with us! 🚀🌟

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