FRC 2024

FRC Kickoff 2024


On January 6, the FRC Kickoff took place at the Jan Zamoyski Secondary School in Warsaw. At our invitation, FaroTech from the Tadeusz Czacki Secondary School in Warsaw came. We watched the kickoff broadcast together, discussing the news and the rules of the game. 🎮🤖
This year the game involves shooting a 36 cm diameter foam ringo at targets at two different heights. Finally, each team’s task is to hang the robot on a chain, trying to do it together with two other robots. In the final phase of the competition, one person from each team throws a ringo into the middle of the arena, and additional points are also obtained for hitting it. 🎯🤾
After that, we had the opportunity to invite guests to our studio. This meeting enabled us to initially understand the challenge we face. We had a pleasant time – there were also some refreshments. We think we managed to prepare a truly inspiring event! 🤝🚀
With this positive event, we begin the season of work and robot construction at FRC. 🛠️🏁
We would like to thank our sponsors for their support, without whom we would not be able to take part in this competition.
as well as the management of the high school named after Jan Zamoyski for providing us with access to the school auditorium, even though the event took place on a holiday. 🙏🏛️

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