Rabyte 2022

XChallenge 2022 Competition


On November 25, 2022, we participated in XChallenge, a nationwide robotics competition held in Rzeszów, Poland. This was the first competition where Team Rabyte appeared in its new lineup. Our goal for participating in these competitions was simple: to integrate as a team and to win!
We started working on our debut nearly 3 months before the competition. Our robot – Likwidator was built with the philosophy: the simpler, the better. During its construction, we used many 3D-printed components that we designed ourselves, as well as less conventional solutions like wheels from an electric skateboard. After completing the construction tasks, we spent several more evenings learning how to control it and were ready for the competition.

After the grand opening of the competition, it was time for our first run in the arena – It was one of the early ones and we didn’t know the competition yet – so the stress level was really high. Fortunately, the robot performed perfectly, and we managed to score a high number of points. After the first run, it was time for the presentation, which was about the team and preparation for the competition. To our surprise, the judges were delighted with it, and we received high scores. The second stage was just a formality for us, the robot performed its task phenomenally, and the victory was in the bag. The XChallenge competition was a fantastic way for us to experience robotics competitions first-hand and gave us the motivation to aim higher – at the FIRST Robotics Competition.

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