Rabyte 2023

Mini Task Hunters


After a successful start in the XChallange competition, we decided that we cannot stop growing. We decided to conduct an internal competition inspired by the Task Hunters competition that we won, but for smaller-scale robots.

The main goal of Mini Task Hunters — as we named our competition — was to build a robot capable of moving around the arena and pressing buttons according to the guidelines of a remotely controlling pilot, as well as autonomously following a line.

A total of 7 two-person teams participated in the competition, and they had approximately 2 months to prepare their robot. The judging panel consisted of the most experienced individuals from our Team.

The Mini Task Hunters competition eventually took place on February 5, 2023. After a fierce battle, the winners turned out to be Magda and Zosia from the Genshiniary team. As a reward, they received a voucher worth 300 PLN from the parent council of Zamoyski High School. The girls decided to use the money to build their next robot, which will appear in the Robotic Arena competition in the robot combat category.

The Mini Task Hunters competition taught us a lot — it helped us gain experience both in building robots and in organization. It also allowed us for better team integration.

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