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Shows at the Atrium Targówek​


At the beginning of September, we organized a grand event – we appeared in the Atrium Targówek shopping center. There, we organized robotics workshops for teenagers and school-aged children.

Here are some of the activities we provided for the youngsters: 
  • Lego Mindstorms robot building workshops, where participants had the opportunity to independently build and program a remotely controlled robot
  • Control futuristic-looking educational toy robots from the RoboMaster S1 series
  • Drawing using machine vision, where the youngest participants could draw shapes on a computer screen using ping pong balls

However, not only the youngest could take part in our event!

Every visitor to Atrium Targówek on Friday and Saturday, September 1 and 2, could take a closer look at several of our projects:
  • USB Robot – Universal Ballistic Shooter, capable of firing table tennis balls up to fifteen meters away at speeds exceeding 70 km/h!
  • Young Raven Robot – a mobile platform that can move in any direction on the ground
  • A 3D printer in action and a few projects created on it, including replicas of characters from well-known games

We would like to express our heartfelt thanks to the management of Atrium, which enabled us to conduct a modest collection during the event for the needs of Team Rabyte. Thanks to your support, we managed to purchase the parts necessary to build a robot for the upcoming “FIRST” Robotics World Championships.
Special thanks also go to the company Roboty i Spółka – without your patronage and organizational help, the workshops would not have been possible.

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