FRC 2024

Practice arena


🚀🛠️Big opening! Here’s a sneak peek of our hand-built arena, which will serve us for intense training sessions before the FIRST competitions in March! Thanks to the reliable support of our sponsor, Nomagic company, we managed to precisely recreate half of the original arena on a 1:1 scale.
Every detail has been carefully chosen, and the final result is the fruit of the effort and commitment of the entire team. We are incredibly grateful to Nomagic for their financial support in this project.
This year, the robots’ task is to manipulate foam rings. Points are scored by shooting the ring into the speaker hole at a 2-meter height angle. To activate the speaker points boost, it is possible by throwing two rings into the amplifier.
At the end of each match, the robot’s task is to hang itself on the chain element called the stage. Additionally, to score some points in this stage, you can throw rings into the trap.
Our robot has already had the opportunity to test its capabilities on this unique arena, and we can’t wait for the moment when it will be a field of competition with other Polish teams! More details about what we have planned are coming soon! 🏆🔜

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