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First Day of FRC Istanbul Regional


What happened on the first day of FRC Istanbul Regional?
The whole team got up early in the morning ready to act, because at 8:00 our robot was registered. We went through the registration process, which included weighing, inspection and other formalities. Then we visited other pits.
After registration was completed, we started setting up our pit. We arranged the equipment, tools and decorated the stand with our graphics to present ourselves best to other teams and judges. We then visited the other participants to get to know our fellow competitors.
The training games started at 12:00. Each subsequent match was a unique opportunity for us to test our strategies and check how our robot copes in a full-size arena. Our team also focused on scouting, analyzing and observing other rivals to develop effective strategies and plan the selection of allies for later games.
Of course, there were challenges and problems with the operation of our robot, but the team solved them efficiently and it did not prevent us from achieving satisfactory results.
Later, summary meetings were held at the hotel. Together we discussed the course of the competition, our achievements and established an action plan for the second day of the competition.

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