FRC 2024

Second Day of FRC Bosphorus Regional


The time came for the second day of eliminations during our trip to FIRST. The team was determined to achieve success and advance to the playoffs. That day, we had a total of seven elimination matches to play, which meant hard work and a lot of emotions for every team member.
During these intense matches, we not only competed against other teams but also conducted a detailed analysis of their strategies and skills during scouting. We carefully observed potential allies, looking for those who would excel in the game alongside our team.
Despite the intense schedule of matches, our robot remained in good condition, avoiding any major damage. During the breaks between matches, we made minor adjustments and improvements, ensuring it operated even more smoothly.
At the end of the day, we could feel satisfaction with the progress made. We won four out of seven matches, allowing us to secure a relatively high position in the rankings – 25th place. With hope for the future, we looked forward to facing new challenges and were determined to achieve even better results in the upcoming rounds of the tournament.

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